Stages of Production

Park House Studios is a full service Media Production Company. From development to pre-production, right through to post production and delivery, here are some details about each stage of production.

If you’re new to video production this page may help you understand the video production process a little better. If you would like more information, please contact us anytime!

Comedian Ash Williams and Pink Tank events coordinator Tash rehearsing before the Miss Universe Australia finals in Melbourne.

1). Development

Before any locations, cameras, or schedules are required, the project brief must first be developed. This development stage includes fleshing out the idea, writing a draft list of what’s required and working out the financial logistics of the project. Depending on the type of production, development can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days and with some larger film and television projects, development can last months to years. In most cases with video production, the development stage is short and often at no cost to the client. It helps us work out an accurate quote and way forward for your project. Once the brief and quote are accepted we move into pre-production.

2). Pre Production

Pre-production is the beginning stage of production and forms an integral part of the production process. It is the stage where everything is accurately planned and locked in. From writing the script and the shot-list to creating the schedule, arranging locations, casting, crewing and working out the best equipment required for the production. This stage ensures that your production runs smoothly from start to finish with all the elements in place and to ensure your production is delivered to you on time and on budget.

3). Production

The production stage is when filming begins. Depending on the type of production, this stage may involve teams of various sizes including producers, directors, camera operators, sound recordists, hair and makeup artists, stylists and more. The team will follow the brief created during pre-production and capture all the necessary elements required for post production.

4). Post Production

The post-production stage is where we bring the elements captured during production together. Also known as the edit or the editing stage. If Post-Production is a requirement of your brief then this generally occurs at our edit suites at 76 King Street, Perth, Western Australia. Depending on the project, post-production is where we categorise the footage, look through the interview content, assemble the story, choose and lay down the music, add in any graphics, sub-titles, sound effects, or visual effects and colour correct your production. During this stage you may wish to review the production’s progress and make changes before the edit is locked off.

5). Delivery

There are so many different ways to watch a film, video or television production. Whether it’s online streaming, broadcast television or whether your production is embedded into your website or made for Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, these different mediums often require different file formats, frame sizes and other important elements. There are a lot of options to get right and the goal during the Delivery stage is to ensure your production is being delivered to you in a way that ensures it’s seen with the best viewing experience possible.

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