Company Values

Western Australian Department of Communities 16 Days in W.A Campaign Group Photo.

We are trusted by some of the world’s most credible brands, year after year. We believe it’s because at our core we live and conduct business by a set of important values.


Honesty is important at our company, which is why we adhere to a code of honesty. This code starts with how we deal with one another and what we expect from ourselves on a daily basis. It is interwoven into everything we do and all that we say. We empower an honest approach at Park House. The truth will not only set you free, but will also increase your self-worth, and the worth of those around you.


At Park House we believe that you are the sum total of everything you focus on, the things you do, the people you spend time with and the experiences you have which is why it’s important to remember that as a creative business we strongly focus on the needs of our clients to ensure the projects that we are entrusted to deliver are received in their intended way.


Reliability is a guiding principle of our business and central to everything we do. Just like we rely on the front door key to open the office door, it is imperative that our clients receive the same reliability from us. Every production has unique requirements so it’s important each stage is carefully organised and managed. To speak in editing terms, we are the reliable high resolution ProRes codec, not the low resolution H264 that is great for playback, but will slow your system down if you’re trying to edit with it!